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Windows are more than just a glass hole in the wall through which you can stare. They can be a beautiful finish to your home that gives your home character, boosts the property value, and provides proper insulation in the winter. In order to achieve these 3 goals, however, you need proper installation and a window style that is right for your commercial or residential property.

Choosing the Right Windows:

The two components to keep in mind when choosing a window are insulation and appearance. When properly installed, windows can provide insulation that will save you a good chunk on your heating bill. To do so, you need the proper glass package, which determines the thickness, number, and inner gas of the glass panes. In most places around the U.S, a double glazed window–2 panes–will provide the insulation necessary to keep warm throughout the winter. In colder environments, such as northern and beachside regions, a triple-glazed window is worth a discussion with a professional. 

The frame design and material are more important in terms of your home or business’s exterior look. There are a wide variety of traditional window shapes, such as Double-Hung, Sliding Sash, and Awning, as well as the fancier Bay and Palladian designs. Our trusted contractors can offer expert advice on the glass, shape, and material of your windows. All that you have to do is contact us!

About the Window Installation Process  

When we arrive to the scene to either install, repair, or replace a window, we take a number of steps to ensure that the process is done quickly and effectively with NO MESS left behind. First, we prepare the area with drop cloths and other coverings to catch any debris that may spread during the window removal process. Once the old window has been removed, we’ll clean the opening to remove any dust or debris that could infringe upon proper insulation, then we’ll insulate and seal the frame. Once we’ve verified that the window is properly installed or repaired, we’ll clean up after ourselves, dispose of old window pieces, and be on our way!

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Not sure which windows are right for your property?

The decision may seem easy, but there is much more that goes into the decision process than one may have hoped! You’ll need to consider budget, style, size, frame material, and the glass package. 

While you could mull through endless combinations for hours on end, we can instead offer our expertise to help narrow down the decision. We consider components such as energy efficiency and insulation, which will save you money down the line, and offer recommendations based on your style and budget preferences. For S&S Construction’s expert advice, contact us!

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