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A properly installed and well-functioning gutter system is an investment into your home. Not only do they divert water away from your home, but they prevent basement flooding, protect the structural foundation, and prevent the erosion of your walls & roofing. A reliable gutter system can also preserve the beauty of your property by preventing stains, water damage, and mold growth.

On the other hand, a poorly installed or damaged gutter system can wreak costly havoc as water damage and mold growth lead to much more expensive repair work down the line.

Choosing the Right Gutters:

There are two main gutter types; K-Style and Half Round, which make up the vast majority of gutters around the country. There are more shapes out there, but are much more expensive and aren’t much more effective. Next, you’ll want to choose the material. Again, there are 2 leaders in this category, Vinyl and Aluminum, that are found on most properties given their cost efficiency. There are also Copper, Steel, Zinc, and Galvalume, each of which offer benefits that may be right for your commercial or residential property.

Unsure about which gutters are right for you?  

We offer free consultations to ensure that the size, shape, and material of the gutter is right for your property. Our expertise in gutter systems allows us to provide consulting and advice to ensure you choose the proper size, shape, and material for your commercial or residential property.  

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Commercial vs. Residential Gutters

The primary differences between residential and commercial gutters are the size and shape, mostly depending on the design of the building. For example, massive, flat-roofed office buildings will require a different gutter system than a traditional home. 

At S&S Construction, we understand the specific needs of each property type, as well as the unique installation, reparation, and maintenance processes that each entail. Be sure that you choose the construction company that understands the specific needs of your commercial or residential property.

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